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I feel like I’ve seen it 1,000 times: A real estate investor finds a great deal (maybe at an auction) for a Fix-n-Flip or Buy and Hold, but can’t get the earnest money, down payment or purchase price together in time. Poof. The opportunity disappears. Depending on the deal, this could literally mean walking away […]

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Getting funding can be a huge challenge for real estate developers/investors. (Even homeowners can have difficultly, but they have more options). This can be the case when you’re starting up, and sometimes when have been in business for a while–especially during tough econimic times. Getting funding often seems to be particularly difficult when you need […]

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I have such great news that I hardly know where to begin. I felt like I was on fire last year entering back-to-back deals for new construction, rehabs and mortgage notes across three states (FL, GA, and PA). But if last year was on fire, then I’ll be going nuclear before this year is through! Why? I’ve […]

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